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How to Choose a Limo Company for Your Wedding

Limousine driver driving and smilingFor special events such as a wedding, it is advisable to make arrangements at least three months prior to the event, most especially for weddings that are scheduled during the summer season since this is usually the busiest time for limo companies. The sooner you carry out the arrangements the better, because there will be more available limo companies to choose from. When choosing a limo company for your wedding, the key primary factors that you should consider are the customer service it provides, the limo styles it offers and most importantly the costs it incurs on their services. Fortunately, most limo companies do offer well-maintained vehicles, reliable service and have the proper licenses for business operation. However, it would still be a beneficial venture to look into these aspects. A checklist would be helpful so that you wouldn’t miss the most important factors to investigate while you choose a limo company for your wedding.


In an area where there are a lot limo companies that compete for client orders, one distinguishing factor that sets one company apart from the rest would be professionalism of its chauffeurs. Courtesy and friendliness of chauffeurs also count. Some limo companies emphasize this factor of their business. For special days such as weddings, it is beneficial for you, as a client, to know beforehand that the limo chauffeur you hired will be courteous, patient and have a deep understanding that stressful circumstances associated with weddings is a given.

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Technology & Photography

Many people overlook all the random technology that society has to offer even some business owners says my friend from a roofing company. In addition to overlooking all the technology in the world, people also take technology for granted and some even say that it is not necessary, THESE OBJECTIONS ARE ABSURD! Technology has been a benefit to people around the globe . For example:

1. people can now make phone calls to people literally “around the world” at their own conveniences.

2. People can see their loved ones or fellow peers through phones via “facetime” on Iphones, instead of just talking to them there is actually a picture or face to see

3. People can travel to whatever destination they want to get to with more ease via cars, bikes, planes, trains and etc.

4. People can find vast amounts of information online at their fingertips.

These are only some examples of how innovative random technology has been to the society, there are way more examples that could be included, but it would take up this whole article mentioning everything.

The use of technology has helped protect the environment for the world. Institutions do not have to waste trees making paper for books and could you imagine how much paper would be used to make books without the benefit of technology? People now have the option to just get the book online, which saves the earth by creating libraries that are online. This process also helps reserve money and time if used resourcefully.

Thanks to random technology people do not have to get all their information from libraries, newspapers, magazines, and etc. People now have access to public libraries and articles online. This is truly what it means to have a “fountain of knowledge” at your access. People no longer need to read out of a book thanks to technology creating e-books, audiobooks, online readers, and etc. People now have more options on how they want to learn and retrieve information thanks to technology.

The use of technology has changed what school means for kids TREMENDOUSLY! Many kids get bored or do not interact to teachers. This was how life was before the introduction of technology, now kids get the chance to be more interactive and actually participate in class on more occasions thanks to things like white board and touch screen technology in class. KIDS EVEN HAVE A CHOICE NOW TO GO TO VIRTUAL SCHOOL all thanks to technology. Therefore, classrooms benefitted from mechanism that technology has offered.

Ultimately, Technology only has been a blessing to the earth and everyone that gets within reach of it. Technology has been made to use effectively through certain acts which include; seeing and talking to family members. Now people can chat/see their loved ones just by having a phone that offers those features. In addition to technology being effective in keeping in contact, it also helps protect the world. People now get to save the earth by using technology because it cuts the use of paper tremendously. Not only does technology help save the world, technology also helps synchronize trips to libraries for information. People can now access whatever they want to through computers and other technological mechanisms. In addition to technology helping reduce library trips, it also helps kids that are in school.

Now children get a choice and have options in how they learn thanks to technology. Therefore, technology only seeks to benefit mankind and every individual who is associated with it.

Nikon D300S Review

How do you buy the best Nikon D300S? When planning to buy a good Nikon D300S camera, you must be able to understand the features that would enable you make your choice. Here is a review of the Nikon camera:


What are the features?

The common features are:

The camera has a self-cleaning sensor unit made from a magnesium alloy construction that has rubber gaskets as well as seals. You will have an easy time when using it after learning on its features. It has an Image Expeed Processing System that is similar to a Scene Recognition System. This means that you will always have an easy time when taking pictures with the camera.

With a 4.0-inch LCD display of LiveView, you will get a new 55-point AF system that makes it one of the highly rated products within the market. Since it has a 14.3-megapixel, you will be able to capture enough detail for your poster-size photo-quality prints thus making it among the best cameras selling in the market.

The camera has burst mode, which shoots up to more than 100 shots at a 12.3-megapixel resolution thus enabling you to take clear pictures. You will always appreciate the quality of pictures that you would have when making your decision especially when you need a good quality.

The camera has an image processing ability of D-Movie HD Video that makes it the best when you have cinematic 24 fps and 720p of HD movie clips. You will definitely enjoy taking some of the best videos whenever you need a good camera from the market. The camera has a 3-inch Super-density of 920,000-dot VGA LCD that makes it one of the best in the shopping outlets when buying one.

In conclusion, the above review of Nikon D300S camera will help you know the features that you must know when buying one from the market if you need to take excellent pictures and videos.


Smart and impressive, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is the first-rate fit for photography enthusiasts who want to upgrade from micro photography cameras or entry-level DSLR. If you are torn between a compact Camera with a long zoom lens and entry-level SLR, then the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 might the perfect match for you. The Camera has a better performance, excellent image quality, and other valuable built-in additions like WI-FI, and 1080/60p/60i/30p HD video with AVCHD output. This blend of features is a winning formula that will be comfortable to the existing Panasonic Lumix users and the newbies in the photography industry.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 features

Photo and video quality

The FZ1000 can record videos at resolutions up to 4K (3, 840 x 2, 160), the compact has the ability to shoot in 1080p full HD video. You can shoot the video in different sizes and frame rates. It also comes with a built-in stereo microphone to put dynamic sound to your videos.

The Camera captures clean images over a variety of lighting conditions; take quality shots at dusk and before dawn, thanks to its ISO 80, 100, 25,600 sensitivity range.

Better Enlargements and incredible detail

The camera features a 20.9 MP MOS CMOS 1-inch sensor paired with Panasonic Venus Engine processor. The processor has a multiple noise reduction systems that produce remarkable result even at high ISOs. Its cropped images are very clear, thanks to its 20.9MP camera.

Splendid kit lens with enormous zoom

It has 16x f2.8-4.0 25-400mm kit Len with 1.2 inches (3cm) closest focus that provides massive zooming power; this makes it a pleasure to shoot with the camera. The FZ1000 comes with an optical viewfinder together with informational edges for focus and coverage; a feature that you can’t find in the traditional small- sensor compacts. The aperture zoom lens will get immediately smaller as you zoom out therefore letting less light get to the sensor.

Design and handling

The camera has light chassis and a 5.4 x 3.9 x 5.2 inches (WHD) re-designed body for comfortable grip. Handling it is a treat if you are used to older and heavier DSLRs. The re-designed grip offers a bigger surface area to hold onto, giving you good control over the device when framing. The controls of the Panasonic Lumix DMC- FZ1000 are well labeled and conveniently placed, this makes operating the camera much easier


  • Excellent photos and videos
  • Fantastic electronic viewfinder
  • Offers direct access to important settings


  • Plastic body make feel off-balanced
  • Low focal length of f/2.8 aperture at maximum
  • Intimidating control options


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